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27" Sakai SFF Kohaku

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Product Code: KOHAKU95

Breeder: Sakai Sff (comes with birth certificate)
Size: 27 inches (as of Nov. 2015)
Gender: Female
Age: 3sai
Note: currently in Sakai mud pond will harvest 11/2016 expecting 30"+ inches when 3.5 year old

Descriptions; we were fortunate to secure this Sakai Sff featured kohaku during 10/14 auction. A long rounded body nearly 24 inches at just 15 months old from Miss Japan III bloodline. She has the body and genetic potential to grow 36 inches if board at Sakai until 6 assuming favorable health. Desirable maruten 4 step pattern with solid beni pigment. Lacking one side on the last step but no problem at big size. We recommend with strong confidence.

Disclaimer: There's no return nor refund on koi fish once it leaves our facility.