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4"-5" AA Quality Tosai Pack 10 Koi

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Our Price: $315.00

Product Code: 45AAQK

These assortment koi comes is many varieties and color pattern. They are good representation of their variety. These are considered AA or High quality by industry standard.

AA Quality Koi:
size: 4 to 5 inches
breeders: various
types: assortment
maximum koi/size box: 25 koi (S), 40 koi (M), 60 koi (L)
Price: $35.00 each or 10 assorted koi for $315.00
Note: no limit for in store pickup

Typical shipping cost range (estimate):
$75.00-$90.00 for a small box (S) (20” x 12” x 12”) by Fedex overnight
$100.00-$115.00 for a medium box (M) (24” x 12” x 12”) by Fedex overnight
$120.00-$150.00 for a large box (L) (28” x 13” x 13”) by FedEx overnight
$75.00-$115.00 for Air Cargo