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4th Annual Genki Koi/Taniguchi Grow Out Event

Everyone Welcome, Entered or Not!

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(walk in only)

Where: 1850 S 10th Street, Ste 14 , San Jose CA 95112, Tel. (408) 295-4500

When: Saturday June 18 th 2016 from 10 am to 5 pm

10 am - 11:00 am: Free Seminar by Mr. Chai ZNA Certified Judge on koi selection Q&A

10 am – 11:00 am: Check in last year Momotaro g.o fish for Judging

All koi from last year’s event must be checked in by 11:00 am, no exceptions!

11 am: Introduce our judge amd judging begins

11:30 am – 1:00 pm: Begins Lottery Picks, Selection of this year Taniguchi G.O Koi

1:00 pm: Lunch Break (we will provide lunch and drink)

1:30 pm: Award Presentation & Announce 2015 Momotaro G.O Winners

Our Judge will explain his selections. Winners are encourange to share their raising techniques

Why a Genki Koi G.O Event: the main purpose is to have fun, study tosai selection and raising experience. After a growing season, hobbyists will compare and share their tosai growth and development against event siblings in next year’s show. It will be fun and educational for all. It’s also a chance to purchase high quality jumbo tosai from a top breeder/pedigree line at a special discounted price.

Preparation for the Event: we keep track of breeder’s breeding programs and track their best production in any given year. This year we chose Taniguchi Fish Farm in Hiroshima.

Through years of business relationship, Taniguchi san gladly handpicked 40+pcs jumbo tosai size 25-40cm+. We are very lucky indeed.

The Breeder: Taniguchi san, a 1st generation breeder trained at Oishi Fish Farm. Went solo 8 years ago and founded Taniguchi Koi Farm in Hiroshima. The farm uses Dainichi, Matsue, Sakai (SFF) brood stock for kohaku and Momotaro bloodine for sanke. Taniguchi san who's known to have "golden hands" also is the most valuable breeders in the industry. He breeders high quality beautiful award winning Kohaku and Sanke at ALL JAPAN KOI SHOW. Up and coming young breeder so watch out for his koi.

Event Koi, 25-40cm Jumbo Tosai: Descendant of the farm leading parent fish; 86cm Sanke SR-II, 94cm Sanke Baobau and 85cm Kohaku Nadeshiko. Note, all koi comes with certificate authenticity. Certified and photo'd this February, all have grown and improved since then.

Event Operation: The event is open to everyone across the U.S. To ensure participants all get an equal chance, a lottery system will be used to distribute the koi. We have allocated 41 jumbo tosai Showa in 2 price groups (see photos below) this time. You may purchase as many of the available tickets as you wish. Each koi comes with a numbered certificate. At the event the koi will be displayed in 8 tanks with numbered photos of each koi to allow up close examination and aid selection. Tickets will be drawn in a lottery and your name will be called. You will then have few minutes to select your koi. We suggest you make a favorite’s list to help your selection process. Out off town participants, please email or call us (408) 295-4500 with your list.

Note, early pick doesn't always equate a best fish. Previous year’s Grand Champion was among the last koi picked.

For those that wish to participate, but cannot attend, give us a list of koi you want in your favorite order. We will pick and ship your koi to you at a later date. Shipping cost is extra.

If any of the 40 koi available are unsold when the drawing is complete, they will be available for sale at the regular price. So as you can see that this event is an opportunity to save significant money. In addition to the fun and excitement of friendly competition and a chance to increase your koi knowledge.

Tickets are on sale NOW. Secure yours today to guarantee a spot!

The Awards For Momotaro G.O:

Grand Champion: will be awarded an event G.C plaque and a $500 gift certificate towards koi and products at our store.

Best Tategoi: will receive a $200 Genki Koi gift certificate.

Most Growth Tosai (based on increase in length): will receive a $100 Genki Koi gift certificate.

In Closing:

Our sincerely gratitude to all who helped make this event possible. Special thank you to Taniguchi san and our ZNA Certified judge Chai Tai and most of all thank you to all the participants.

While this is a serious learning exercise, Genki Koi wishes to emphasize bringing hobbyists together to celebrate their passion while having fun. We hope for your support and participation in this fun and educational event. Please call or email us if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Kevin Pham
Genki Nishikigoi, Inc.

PLEASE DO NOT ADD TO CART NOR CHECKOUT. THESE KOI ARE RESERVED FOR OUR G.O EVENT! We are now accepting pre-order, call us at (408) 295-4500

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Taniguchi Sanke G-1 James L Taniguchi Sanke G-2 Alfred B Taniguchi Tcho Kohaku G-7 Michael C Taniguchi Tcho Kohaku G-8 Tony T
Taniguchi Kohaku G-9 Thiery/Paul Taniguchi Kohaku G-10 Evan P Taniguchi Kohaku G-12 Vinh Pham Taniguchi Kohaku G-14 Tung T
Taniguchi Kohaku G-15 Scott Y Taniguchi Kohaku G-16 Jeff D Taniguchi Kohaku G-24 Alfred B Taniguchi Kohaku G-27 Evan P
Taniguchi Tcho Kohaku G-33 Brian/Sharon Taniguchi Kohaku G-17 Taniguchi Kohaku G-18 Taniguchi Kohaku G-19
Taniguchi Kohaku G-17
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-18
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-19
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-20 Taniguchi Kohaku G-21 Taniguchi Sanke G-22 Taniguchi Kohaku G-23
Taniguchi Kohaku G-20
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-21
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Sanke G-22
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-23
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-25 Taniguchi Kohaku G-26 Taniguchi Kohaku G-28 Taniguchi Kohaku G-29
Taniguchi Kohaku G-25
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-26
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-28
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-29
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-30 Taniguchi Kohaku G-31 Taniguchi Tcho Sanke G-34 Taniguchi Sanke G-35
Taniguchi Kohaku G-30
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-31
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Tcho Sanke G-34
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Sanke G-35
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Sanke G-36 Taniguchi Sanke G-37 Taniguchi Sanke G-38 Taniguchi Kohaku G-39
Taniguchi Sanke G-36
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Sanke G-37
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Sanke G-38
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-39
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-40 Taniguchi Sanke G-0 Taniguchi Kohaku G-3 Taniguchi Sanke G-4
Taniguchi Kohaku G-40
Our Price: $300.00
Taniguchi Sanke G-0
Our Price: $400.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-3
Our Price: $400.00
Taniguchi Sanke G-4
Our Price: $400.00
Taniguchi Sanke G-5 Taniguchi Sanke G-6 Taniguchi Kohaku G-11 Taniguchi Kohaku G-13
Taniguchi Sanke G-5
Our Price: $400.00
Taniguchi Sanke G-6
Our Price: $400.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-11
Our Price: $400.00
Taniguchi Kohaku G-13
Our Price: $400.00
Taniguchi Tcho Kohaku G-32
Taniguchi Tcho Kohaku G-32
Our Price: $400.00