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2nd Annual Genki Koi/Dainichi Grow Out Event

Everyone Welcome, Entered or Not!

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Where: 1850 S 10th Street, Ste 14, San Jose CA 95112, Tel. (408) 295-4500.

When: Saturday April 5th from 10 am to 5 pm.

- 10 am - 10:45 am: Check in of 2013-14 Grow Out Event koi.

All koi from last year’s event must be checked in by 10:45 am, no exceptions.

- 11 am: Judging of last year’s koi begins

- 11:30 am – 1:30 pm: 2014-15 Dainichi Grow Out Event begins

Lottery picks and assigning of koi.

- 1:30 pm: Lunch break

- 2:00 pm: Announce winners of 2013-14 Grow Out Event and present awards.

Why do we Hold a Tosai Grow Out Event:

The main purpose is for hobbyists to share their tosai grow out experiences and tosai appreciation. It’s also a chance to purchase high quality tosai from a top breeder at a special discounted price. When you return them after a growing season to compare and share growth and development against their siblings at next year’s event it’ll be educational and fun for all.

Preparation for the Event:

Genki Koi has received many requests for Dainichi koi and we successfully negotiated with Dainichi Koi Farm to let us pick quality tosai for this event. Shigeru Mano gave us 1st choice from 800 high quality koi during our January trip. We handpicked 70 Gosanke.

There are 50 Showa from Monster and Blue, 19 Kohaku from Mihara and XJR and 1 Sanke from Kato bloodline. All of these koi come with a Dainichi certificate. You can be sure to secure a high quality specimen with a good pattern.

The Breeder:

Dainichi Koi Farm is a top Gosanke breeder. They are probably the #1 breeder of Showa today. Their Gosanke have won countless Grand Champion awards at National koi shows including Shinkokai, Airinkai, Rinyukai in addition to district and local koi shows all over the world.

Characteristics of Dainichi koi are strong muscular body with distinctive shoulder height that can attain jumbo size. Dainichi koi are also known to possess amazing skin quality and color intensity.

How this Event Works:

This event is open to everyone. To ensure participants all get an equal chance, a lottery system will be used to distribute the koi.

We’ve allocated 70 koi for the event in two groups. Tickets for the 1st group of high quality Dainichi tosai are $325 each. Tickets for the 2nd group of even higher quality Dainichi tosai are $400 each. You may purchase as many of the available tickets as you like.

Every koi will be photographed and numbered with a short video clip available on our website, http://www.genkikoi.com. At the event the koi will be displayed in 7 or 8 tanks with numbered photos of each koi to allow your close examination.

The lottery draw will match your ticket with a koi. If you have purchased a $325 ticket and are not happy with your koi, you may upgrade to the $400 group by paying the difference of $75 if tickets from that group are still available. You’ll then have another chance for a draw

If you don’t wish to take this option, you can apply your ticket purchase price as credit towards any other koi or merchandise in the store.

For those that wish to participate, but cannot attend, we will ship your koi to you at a later date.

Any of the 70 koi unsold when the raffle is complete will be available for sale at the regular price of $500 or $600. So you can see that this event is an opportunity to save significant money in addition to the fun and excitement of friendly competition and a chance to increase your koi knowledge.

Tickets on sale NOW. Deadline to buy tickets with payment is April 4th.

Judging the Results of the 2013-14 Event:

We have invited a local judge to evaluate and rank last year’s Isa and Maruboshi koi.

The Awards:

  • A Grand Champion will be awarded a trophy from Japan donated by the breeder. The winner will also receive a 44 lb bag of FD Hi-Grow sinking koi food.

  • The Two Best tategoi will receive $200 Genki Koi gift certificates.

  • The Three Most Growth Tosai (based on increase in length) will be awarded $100 Genki Koi gift certificates.

In Closing:

We appreciate everyone who helped make this event possible. Special thanks to Dainichi, our judge and most of all, thanks to all the participants.

While this is a serious learning exercise, Genki Koi wishes to emphasize bringing hobbyists together to celebrate their passion while having fun. We hope for your support and participation in this fun and educational event. Please call or email us if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Kevin Pham

Genki Nishikigoi, Inc.