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MinnFinn Max
MinnFinn Max

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MinnFinn Max is the COMMERICIAL STRENGTH version of MinnFinn. Both are a ONE HOUR treatment that is reversed with the included NeuFinn! 

Treats 8000 Gallons

*Safe for you, your fish and the environment!* 
*Control of protozoal parasites (Trichodina & Chilodonella in 1 treatment* 
*Control Costia in 2 or 3 treatments* 
*Control Flukes in 1 to 3 treatments* 
*Controls external bacterial infections (Bacterial gill disease, mouth rot, fin rot in 1 to 3 treatments* 
*Controls fungus* 

MinnFinn MAX is a revolutionary new product that combats virtually ALL external pathogens that plague your Koi, while being the most environmentally friendly product on the market. 

Minnfinn Max is the first truly new therapy developed for Koi enthusiasts in decades. There is simply nothing like it!! 

MinnFinn MAX Benefits 
Control of Protozoal parisites (e.g., Costia and trichodina) in (1) one treatment. 

Bacteria Combats bacterial infections. Can eliminate bacterial gill disease in one treatment. 

Control of Flukes in (1) one to (2) two treatments -Species Dependant. 

Control of Ich in (3) three treatments over 5 days.
Water Changes Not needed. 

Neutralizable Treatment ended immediately with Neufinn neutralizer. 

EPA reigstered Registered for discharge directly into open water bodies. 

Non-Toxic Formalin and Malachite Green are proven cancer causing agents as well as mutagens. 
MinnFinn is much safer for the applicator and fish. 

Biodegradable Once neutralized your pond returns to normal. 

Disease Resistance Does not contribute to pathogen resistance (unlike Praziquantel & Antibiotics and other therapies). 

NeuFinn - 1400g dry pack 
Proprietary chemical formulation specifically created to fully neutralize the MinnFinn after treatment. 
Neufinn neutralizes and stops the treatment immediately, returning your pond's water chemistry back to its original and proper levels, with a slight elevation in oxygen levels. 

NeuFinn is included with each MinnFinn MAX purchase at no additonal charge. 

What does MinnFinn treat? 
MinnFinn is good to treat a number of organisms found on the outside of your fish.  MinnFinn eliminates PROTOZOA parasites, FLUKES and many external BACTERIAL infections.  MinnFinn has effectively eliminated protozoa infections, fluke infections, red sores on fish and bacterial gill infections.   
How many treatments of MinnFinn are needed? 
MinnFinn can eliminate most PROTOZA infections in ONE treatment (i.e. Costia and Trichodina).  Cases of ICH will require three treatments with one day between treatments.  Bacterial Gill Disease was effectively treated in one treatment and Red Sores cleared up in one to two.  Flukes were cleared in one to three treatments (applied as for ich) depending on the species of fluke.  
Are water changes needed? 
After neutralizing, MinnFinn does not require water changes making it very simple and safe to use.  
How do you stop a MinnFinn treatment? 
MinnFinn is Neutralizable so the treatment is ended immediately with the application of NeuFinn.  Once neutralized it is like the treatment was never there. 
Is MinnFinn harmful to the environment? 
No, MinnFinn is safe to discharge directly into open water bodies.  It is registered with the EPA. MinnFinn is the most effective yet environmentally benign therapy on the market today.  
How does MinnFinn compare to formalin and malachite green? 
Not only is  MinnFinn more effective on a wider variety of pathogens, it is also non-toxic  and not persistent in the environment  as Formalin and Malachite Green are.   
Is MinnFinn dangerous to the user like formalin and malachite green? 
No, MinnFinn is non toxic and safe to use.  While it has a strong smell and you need to avoid contact, there are no long term affects like formalin and malachite green.  Both formalin and malachite green are both cancer-causing and can create severe long and short term health problems to the applicator.    
How does MinnFinn compare to praziqunatel? 
MinnFinn is as effective against flukes as praziquantel while controlling other pathogens that might be present. MinnFinn is also cheaper to apply and has no negative environmental impacts.
What is the shelf life of MinnFinn? 
MinnFinn should be stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight.  With proper storage the shelf life is 1 year.  
When can you treat with MinnFinn and with what?
MinnFinn can be used throughout the year and has shown to be compatible with fish in water containing salt.  Like all therapies, it is not recommended for use in combination with ANY other treatments.