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PraziPond Plus
PraziPond Plus



PraziPond Plus from Koi Care Kennel is the #1 treatment for flukes in koi and goldfish. Prazipond Plus is an advanced 99.5% pure high performance grade prazi with cyanocobalamin, 40% more effective than prazi alone.
  • PraziPond Plus is the preeminent treatment for flukes in Koi and Goldfish.
  • Gentle, yet effective treatment for flukes
  • 99.5% pure) prazi blended with cyanocobalamin and a proprietary polymer mixture
  • 40% more effective than prazi alone
  • Manufactured for Koi Care Kennel
  • Use as a preventative once a year in early Spring
  • Works in ANY water temperature, and can be used at the same time with ProForm-C

  • 10 gram jars (Treats 1,000 gallons)
  • 50 gram jars (Treats 5,000 gallons)
  • 100 gram jars (treats 10,000 gallons).

Recognizing Flukes
  1. You must look through a microscope if you want to see gill flukes. If they weren't so deadly they would be entertaining slithering around like tiny slinky toys with funny-looking Medusa heads. If you don't have a microscope there are some clues to know (or at least suspect) that your koi or goldfish have gill flukes.
  2. Like all the other parasites, flukes tickle the fish so the fish will scratch themselves against the bottom and sides of the pond. Gill flukes, however, attack the gills while other parasites are less selective so flukes may cause more problems with the fish being able to process dissolved oxygen in the water. Head hanging and gasping for air along with the flashing (scratching themselves) may indicate the presence of flukes because the fish are obviously not getting enough oxygen.

Treating Flukes
  • Flukes multiply like rabbits so it's very important that two treatments are done about 4 to 7 days apart - whatever the package directions say. This kills the babies that are born after the adults are killed. PraziPond Plus is best to use if it's cold when treating because it works in lower temperatures though it also works fine during summer. An added benefit to PraziPond Plus is that it also treats internal parasites.
  • Salt will do nothing for flukes. It doesn't hurt, however, to perform a salt treatment along with any of the treatments described above because it will encourage the fish's natural protective slime layer to form and it won't have any interactions with the medications.
  • You will need to have de-chlorinator on hand (if you use chlorinated water) because some water changes will be necessary.

Emergency Procedures
  • Treat the whole pond with either Prazi Pond, Anti-Fluke or Fluke Tabs.
  • For added benefits, perform a salt treatment while treating for anchor worm.

What to Expect Next
  • Gill flukes are responsible for many secondary infections. You can almost certainly expect ulcers to come up and there may be serious gill damage on surviving fish. Once the flukes are killed, the next two weeks are critical.
  • It would be advisable to keep the salt in there until the danger has passed and you might even treat the pond with a bacterial treatment, especially if you see any infection such as ulcers manifesting.
Preventing Flukes
  • Quarantining and treating any new koi or goldfish is the key to preventing any infestation of gill flukes.