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Matsue Kohaku 68 SOLD

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Quantity in Stock:1
Product Code: KOHAKU-68

Breeder: Matsue
Size: 23.5 inches
Gender: Female
Age: 2 year old

Descriptions; Matsue, one of the 4 breeders remaining who still uses pure sensuke bloodline as their base kohaku. A specialist and a premier breeder kohaku whom have achieved several GC at the All Japan show. We found this high quality kohaku tategoi during our recent visit. This koi has many special points such as an ideal natural body confirmation (body shape, body line, body balance), skin/color pigments (stranslucent shiroji, uniform beni) and artistic balanced pattern (kirekome, lateral maki, odome). A refined kohaku, may keep as azukari for 30,000 yen 1st season.

Disclaimer: There's no return on live koi fish once it leaves our facility.
22.2" Matsue Kohaku Tategoi